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Who We Are...

    We are Veterans...

    and we speak with one veteran's voice.


    We are a 501 (C) (4)

    We evaluate and endorse those candidates who we feel are best supportive of national security, veterans, and veterans issues.

Request your DD-214 and other military personnel records or medals here.

we speak with one veteran's voice

...throughout the nation for our veterans, their families, their communities, and we remember those who no longer have a voice.

  • Veterans Health

    We offer updated information and valuable links on specific veterans health issues such as Agent Orange, PTSD, and Gulf War Illness.

  • Special Committees

    We have special committees set up to explore the needs and questions veterans have regarding a variety of issues including Gulf War Illness, Counter-Terrorism, and the POW/MIA issue. We also have added new committees for membership and legislation to better serve those veterans groups interested in either joining the NV&GWVC or in expressing their political views and partaking of the important endorsement process.

  • We Accept Donations

    We are a political and non-profit organization. However, we are allowed to accept donations and can do so by clicking on this link or visiting the NV&GWVC store. We thank you, wholeheartedly, for your continued support in enabling the NV&GWVC to achieve it's goals and continue it's work on behalf of veterans.

The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition

We are Veterans and We Speak With a Single Voice...

...through our member organizations, the NV&GWVC speaks out on behalf of America's veterans. We are united in brotherhood and dedicated to the betterment of veterans through the presentation and enactment of national legislation.

We will never forget our comrades; what they did, and all they sacrificed for God and country. Freedom is NOT free! It has been paid for in the blood of our soldiers. The United States of America is ever worth fighting for. It is our Constitutional obligation and our staunch desire to keep her FREE! As veterans, we took an oath to defend our nation against all enemies, foreign and domestic, and we will continue to abide by that oath.

We are veterans. We have been there...from the jungles to the deserts. From the field hospitals to the V.A. hospitals. We know. We understand. We care. The Directors of the NV&GWVC are veterans and/or family members of veterans.

Our Address:
The National Vietnam & Gulf War Veterans Coalition
2020 Pennsylvania Avenue #961
Washington, DC 20006