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John Molloy with General Thomas McInerny


John J. Molloy, OSJ, Chairman of
the NV&GWVC with Ret. Air Force General, and Board Member,
Tom McInerney
NV&GWVC is a 501-C4 charitable and educational organization.

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Biden is confused

Biden for America?

The soul of our nation is in great peril. Obvious and questionable to other nations, the "big guy" in the White House is in serious cognitive decline. So who is running the country?

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Two Commanders

Former Cmdr. of the USS Cole, attacked by terrorists 12 October 2000 and where 18 men died, Kirk Lippold stands behind President Trump, Memorial Day, 2016, at DC Rolling Thunder event.

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Keeping America Safe!

Former Armed Forces Officers and Members - True American Patriots!

Adm. 'Ace' Lyons, deceased
Adm. Ace Lyons, John Molloy, Gen. Tom McInerny
heroes of Benghazi

Significant military supporters of Donald Trump made a difference in 2016: Four-Star Admiral James A. "Ace" Lyons, Jr., USN RET., Lt. General Thomas E. McInerney, Jr. USAF RET., and two heroes of Benghazi, Mark "Oz" Geist and John "Tig" Tiegen. We can make a difference once again!

March 29, 2021 - National Vietnam Veterans Day

Two videos express the sentiments of the soldier. The first is in honor of National Vietnam Veteran's Day, March 29, 2021. Next is the Warrior's Song. Enjoy!


Host, John B. Wells, is a true American Patriot, as are his distinguished line-up of guests each weeknight, and, especially, look for the intelligence briefings on Saturday nights with an array of military, medical, and intelligence specialists, all of who, like us, want to SAVE AMERICA! Be sure to click on the photo to head over to the Caravan.

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Members Should Be Aware that the NV&GWVC is a 501 (c) (4). We evaluate and endorse candidates for National/Federal office.

A comprehensive list of current NV&GWVC member organizations are listed here. If you would like to join the NV&GWVC, please visit our Join US page for further information. The most important requirement for becoming a member of the NV&GWVC is that you belong to, or head, a veterans organization or advocacy group. We do not accept individual members.

Thank you for your interest in the NV&GWVC.

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The NV&GWVC exists to coordinate and facilitate the diverse interests of small and regional veterans' organizations for concerted effort and common cause on behalf of veteran's affairs.


To support measures that will insure the safety and security of the United States of America and (in keeping with our oath upon entering the service of our nation) to defend the United States of America from all enemies, foreign and domestic.

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TRUMP VS. BIDEN/OBAMA has prepared a Manifesto of what we veterans would like to see from the President of the United States. Veterans Manifesto

President Donald Trump promised to uphold our 2nd Amendment. And he kept that promise! Joe Biden/Barack Obama want to take away your guns. Read More

Joe Biden's hypocrisy is nothing new. His stance on refusing Vietnamese boat people, refugees from war-torn Vietnam, entry into America has now come back to haunt him. The true story is heart-wrenching, and Biden, and others, should be held accountable for causing the drowning deaths of many untold Vietnamese refugees.No Vietnamese Need Joseph Hippolito

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Stay tuned for more on the 2020 Election. We will not rest until the whole truth is known!

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